The Most Interesting Dissertation Writing Ideas Related To Jane Austen

There is no doubt that Jane Austen and her work have inspired many people throughout the years. This extremely intelligent and creative human was way beyond her time in the way that she wrote and lived her life. Although her work may be pegged as girly romantic fiction, it is far from just that. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find topics that touch on all kinds of modern subjects such as gender bias, economics, social class systems and much more. If you’re considering writing a dissertation on her or her works, we have some great ideas for topics that will inspire you.

  • Gender Issues
  • Jane Austen touches on the subject of gender bias and inequality in most, if not all, of her books. The women of the 19th century were shown as having more of an interest in who they would marry rather than getting an education or going on adventures. Austin shows a few characters that are going against the grain and overcoming gender bias in different ways. Some good topics could definitely come from researching Jane’s education and history or comparing the struggles of her different characters with the struggles women have today.

  • Marriage for Convenience
  • A great topic to write about would be how marriage is depicted in her novels and what underlying themes she is trying to show (or unintentionally showing). There are often issues between choosing a mate for convenience and comfort vs. choosing one for love and companionship. Demonstrate how or if this has changed over the years.

  • Religion
  • Exploring the religion in Austen’s life and comparing it to how she portrays religion in her various works will make for a fascinating project. Not only was she opinionated on this subject, but she also wove religious issues and topics into many of her books that would make great discussion points.

  • The Importance of Class
  • Social status was a big deal back in Austen’s era, and it still is today. It would be fascinating to explore the differences in the class systems between her books as well as comparing class and social status of the 19th century to the present time.

  • Individual Character Studies
  • In your dissertation, you can explore the complexities of one or two characters from her novels. Not only are her characters dynamic enough to write an entire piece on, they are fascinating to learn more about.

In your quest for the perfect dissertation topic, you will find that Jane Austen’s life and work is a treasure trove of interesting and relevant topics. Much of what she talks about and portrays in her novels are still issues and important topics today.

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