A List Of Interesting Geology Dissertation Ideas

In the event that you are taking up a course in geology, there are a number of things that you need to be prepared for. One of these is that definitive moment when you have to write a dissertation and ensure that you get things right. There will always come that moment when every student has to face their teachers, present your work and try to impress the readers with what you have learned over the years.

The dissertation is one of these moments. Before you are allowed to graduate you will have worked on a thesis, presented it and passed. One of the most important things about this exercise that so many students often take for granted is the need to select a good title for this work. The title you choose will go so far in determining whether you pass or not.

As a rule of thumb, try not to use topics that have been used over and over again. This only makes your work appear substandard, and you will lose marks for it. We also have the students who search for titles on Google and use the first idea that they come across. This is a sure and definite way to lose points, and end up failing. Herein are some useful dissertation ideas that you can front the next time you are working on this important paper:

  • Discuss how geology as a field has advanced over the past decade
  • Explain how the internet and advancement in technology have affected the study of geology
  • Is geology an art or a science? Discuss
  • Explain the major principles of geology and how important they are to the study
  • Assume that you are an expert in geology and you have been invited to a science fair. You meet students of different categories. You come across university students, college students, high school students and students in lower classes. Highlight how you would give a different speech to each of these groups to help them choose geology as a career path and stick to it
  • What are the challenges that a geologist faces in the course of their daily operations?
  • Discuss any relevant legislation that has recently been passed which affects the study of geology
  • Articulately explain how mining and geology are related, citing relevant examples
  • Discuss some of the qualities that are necessary for an individual to be a successful geologist

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