Month: April 2019

The Most Interesting Dissertation Writing Ideas Related To Jane Austen

There is no doubt that Jane Austen and her work have inspired many people throughout the years. This extremely intelligent and creative human was way beyond her time in the way that she wrote and lived her life. Although her work may be pegged as girly romantic fiction, it is far from just that. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find topics that touch on all kinds of modern subjects such as gender bias, economics, […]

Choosing Powerful Dissertation Topics In Environmental Science

Not very long back, environmental science was not even a valid subject. There would be some research on it here and there. But the very introduction of environmental science as a subject of school is a grave concern for the environment and humanity in general. It was done so that every school going student realizes the necessity of the environment and the needs for protecting the environment in which they live. Since the concern is […]

A List Of The Most Interesting Dissertation Question Examples

What is a dissertation question? Is it different from the topic? What’s the difference? Why do I need to have any questions in my own project? These are questions many students ask when they come to a piece of academic writing that is called a dissertation. So, let’s make it clear from the very beginning. The dissertation question shows what you are planning to learn from the topic. You are the one who needs this […]